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Cockroach Control/TPL Professional Islamabad Rawalpindi

Cockroaches are one of the most common insects/pests found in our surroundings. From our residential areas to our commercial areas and from our commercial areas to the industrial areas they can be found everywhere. In our homes they are mostly found in bathrooms and can easily make their way to our living room and even kitchen. Cockroaches can cause much irritation and discomfort to people. Prevention against cockroaches by residents themselves, is near to impossible because of how common they are. It needs professional knowledge, equipment and approach to stop them from breeding in our surroundings. Professional pest control team of TPL surely ticks all the boxes of professionalism, training and approach to be at your service to wipe out cockroaches and their breeding places.


Biology of Cockroach Explained by TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi:


Cockroaches are generalized creepy crawlies with few extraordinary adjustments, and may be among the foremost primitive living Neopteran creepy crawlies. They have a moderately little head and a wide, straightened body, and most species are reddish-brown to dull brown. They have expansive compound eyes, two ocelli, and long, adaptable receiving wires.

Breeding Areas of Cockroaches Researched by TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Cockroaches are generally found in moist basements, bathroom and kitchen gutters, unhygienic places and rumbles. They are fond of regions which are hot and humid. Once they find a place for their breeding and survival they become habitual of breeding there and do not easily go away.

Heath Hazards Caused by Cockroaches/ Executively by TPL Islamabad Rawalpindi

Any insect or pest having reach to our food and kitchen can cause health hazards. Same is the case with cockroaches as they can be found in kitchen any food they may climb up to may become very unhygienic and cause heath issues like:
- Cholera
- Plague
- Typhoid Fever
- Leprosy
- Listeriosis

Tips by TPL Islamabad/ Rawalpindi for Prevention against Cockroaches
- Try blocking entry points
- Maintain cleanliness
- Dine in one room.
- Do not leave any hiding place for insects such as cockroach.
- Have a proper storage for food.

When to Call Professionals:

On the off chance that this sounds like more work or more of mess than you’re willing to handle, at that point call in experts. Indeed on the off chance that you effectively get freed of the carpenter ant settle, there still could be more in your home. Call an exterminator to check that the settle is crushed and to seek for conceivable other homes. You ought to moreover call a professional in case you haven't been able to discover the settle, but still see carpenter ants.

Message by Professional TPL team Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Cockroaches are hard to get away with once they make any place their habitat but a professional and skilled team with standard equipment will not only get rid of cockroaches but also wipe out their breeding spaces to make life of your loved ones secure, healthy and peaceful.