Dengue Fever Precautions – Symptoms – Treatment By TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi


Dengue fever is an illness/virus caused by the bite of mosquito. This virus is found in many parts of the world. It is spread through a specific kind of mosquito called Aydes Aygepti. These mosquitoes come out from the prey at the time of dawn and dusk.


Prevention Against Dengue Fever/TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

1. Dry the surface and do not leave water in form of puddles anywhere as the water becomes the breeding space for dengue mosquitos.

2. Do not go outdoor at the time of dawn and dusk as it is when the mosquito is out to prey.

3. Wear full sleeves clothes to prevent yourself from the mosquito bite.

4. Apply anti-mosquito lotion on yourself to keep mosqitos away.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

The apparent symtoms of dengue fever are found after few days of being effected by the dengue. The symptoms include:

1. High fever.

2. Nausea, vomiting.

3. Rash.

4. Aches and pain that might include pain behind the eyes, muscle, joint or bone pain.

5. As soon as the patient finds these symtoms, he must see a doctor for medical examination, advice and medicines.

Home Remedies for Dengue Fever/TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

There are few useful home remedies which can be brought into use for better and fast recovery. These remedies include:

Keeping the patient hydrated. As long as patient is kept hydrated there is far more chance of reovery within a week. If a patient becomes dehydrated this disease can get very painful and serious as it can cause damage to red blood cells and platelets.

Apple juice is one of the most effective way to defeat dengue. It not only keeps the patient hydrated but also helps in the case of decreasing platelets and red blood cells eventually helping the patient to feel better in the matter of few days.

Dengue Bite

Message by TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Try your best to prevent yourself and your loved ones from dengue fever. In case you are effected see the doctor and do not let yourself get dehydrated. Moreover you can always contact our professional pest control team for their products and services as we are just a call away.