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Many of us have seen wasps and Yellow Jackets and some of us have been victim of their sting too. We know how uneasy and terryfying it is when we see them flying around and how painful it is when they bite. Their bite can leave redness and pain at the attacked area for some days. They like to remain where there's a depth or a void. Mostly trees are where they build their homes while decaying logs, electrical posts, roof, overhangs, roof edges, sheds, and your carport can be a suitable place for them to build their nests. A few wasps settle within the loft and indeed in washroom vents.
A wasp bite can be painful but Professional Pest Control Services of TPL Experts are always there for the rescue in order to keep your loved ones “hurt free” and secure.


How Wasps and Yellow Jackets Relate:

Yellow Jacket is a name often given to a specific kind of wasps. The Yellow Jacket kind of wasps is slightly smaller than other wasps but possessed more aggression.
Comparatively they sting more than other kind of wasps but their sting hurts less than other species

Biology of Wasps Explained by Professional TPL Team and Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi

The lifecycle of wasps constitutes of four stages beginning with egg to larva, larva to pupa and pupa to adult. Wasps are grouped into two subgroups which are social and solitary wasps. Yellow jackets are one of the social wasps which live systematically. The responsibility of starting a new colony is with queen, which after mating finds a place generally a tree, shrub or under a building to build the nest. Their home is built by dead wood such as bark that she chews and mixes with saliva for the formation of a pulp that is paper like.
Just like bees and termites social wasps such as yellow jackets have role defined families. A wasp queen generally mates and reproduces where as the unmated adult females work as assistants to take care of queen and do the chores. If queen is not able to fulfill the role given then another fertile females takes her place and the responsibility for egg production.

Wasp's Nest

How Do Wasps Work/ Explanation by Professional TPL Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi

A sting of wasps and yellow jackets can be very hurting. Their stings are designed in a way by nature that they hurt more than many other pests. Their bite brings with it the insertion of toxic venom under the bitten part of the body. They can sting multiple times at a particular area of body that increases the intensity of pain far more. They usually attack in defense which means they may attack when they find themselves in danger or feel concerned about their nest.

Facts about Wasps/Yellow Jackets by TPL Professional Team Islamabad/Rawalpindi

- Male wasp does not live long after mating hence dies shortly.
- Life duration of worker wasps is 12 to 22 days.
- Queen wasp goes on to live for about a year and has to build a nest.
- Queen is larger in size than the workers as she is about 0.75 inches whereas workers are smaller and only 0.47 inches.

Concluding Message by TPL Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi for Control of Wasps/Yellow Jackets

Wasps/Yellow Jackets may have many places to live and breed but no place of their breeding are hidden from the Professional Service of TPL Pest Control. We are just a call away to be at your service and use our professional skills and internationally accepted sprays and medicines to keep your surroundings safe from wasp and other insects.