Termite/Deemak Control TPL Experts Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Termite remains a headache for our residential, commercial and industrial areas. It eats away our beautiful and expensive wooden stuff not only causing us the financial loss but loss in the beauty of our homes and offices. It is alarming that the number of known recognized species of termites has ascended from 17 in 1969 to 28 in 2013. Termite is a hidden enemy of wood because the soil and wood they live in squashes them. Sometimes, we may not be able to know soon enough if termite has already started to destroy our furniture internally as its initial attack is invisible. Professional TPL services have solution to prevent you from termite and other pests. TPL experts can provide you with useful advice regarding termites. Can tell you, the early signs of termite and help you get rid of years old termite.

Termite Eaten Wood

Biology of Termites Explained By TPL Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Termites live in form of communities and have an exceptional range of structural forms. It is now undeniable and absolute they belong to a category of cockroaches, and their social system is far more multiplex than other cockroaches and they have a wider of range of diets as well. Their system of living is much organized. They have in their habitat Kings, Queens and Nymphs who reproduce and keep their race going and moreover “assistants” who help the kings and queens and keep order in the colony. All the well formed and physical adaptations are specific to their race and their formation keeps changing without being dependent. For a better state of habitat of termites their nests and mounds play a very important role.

Termite Working Explained By TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Termites have been physically designed by nature in such a way that their parts can be used for eating and chewing food. Termites eat wood to infect eat cellulose as it is their diet and is found and accounts for approximately 40 to 50 percent of wood fiber. Termites do not have to compete much for their food as their intake is present in the form of wood.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment TPL Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is pulling in consideration all through the world. The soil in quick contact with the establishment and floor structure of a building is treated with a bug spray which murders or repulses termites hence shaping a harmful obstruction which is deadly to termite passage hence it prevents your expensive wooden belongings from ever being attacked by termite. Professional TPL Services Islamabad/Rawalpindi are here with their preconstruction termite treatment for your residential, commercial or industrial areas.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment/Professional TPL Services To Wipe Out Termite Islamabad/Rawalpindi

As they say, you are never too late to do what is right. Our professional team with their internationally known sprays, tablets and other up to the mark equipment and training is here for the rescue of your homes and offices from the attack of termites post construction. Our teams carry much experience and enough resources to make your home and offices free of termite and prevent your expensive furniture from destroying.

Concluding Message By TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi For Control of Termites

Be it the pre-construction or the post construction termite we the professional team of TPL pest control are just a contact away from being at your service and preventing your residential, commercial and industrial areas from the attacks of termites. Contact us and prevent your loss. Contact us for a termite free surrounding.