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The Pest Control services are not only for very common pests but also for little known pests such as "Wood Borer Beetle". Wood Boring beetle is a little known insect but a disturbing one requiring the pest control services to be eliminated. The habitat of Wood Boring Beetle is natural and it is mostly found in dead and decayed stem of different trees. Some people also find it in their homes particularly in the “old large timbers” stored in house for any future use.

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Biology of Wood Borer Beetle - The Pest Control

Grown-up wood borers lay eggs in or on an appropriate tree, and the eggs bring forth into hatchlings that mine beneath the bark. A few species will burrow into the wood of the tree. Once hatchlings have completed advancement, unused grown-ups will chew an exit gap through the bark and develop. Wood borers serve an imperative biological part in encouraging tree decomposition by the gaps and channels they create within the woody tissue, phloem, and bark and by the rot parasites they bring with them.

General Features of Wood Borer Executively by TPL - The Pest Control

Features of Wood Borers are as under:
1. Their victim trees are mostly in last stages of their life or have already decayed.
2. Their life span consists of about 1 to 3 years. Grown up happen to be on the outer side of the bark whereas hatchlings are found in stems, branches or major roots.
3. Hatchlings make winding exhibitions that are pressed with coarse fine frass which frequently conceal the galleries built by other insects.
4. Wood insertions made by wood Borers leave holes in trees that make tree weaker and leave them exposed to wind damage hence greatly decreases the value of timber.

Prevention Against Wood Borer By TPL - The Pest Control

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Try your best to keep your wood dry as the wood borers are attracted to moisture. Cracks on the wood should be filled so that wood borer may not find a place of breeding Remove the contaminated and effected area of the wood so that the insects may not spread to another area of wood.

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