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Custer Flies - Pest Control

Pest Control or Pest Management is one of the widely adopted phenomenons throughout the world for the safety and health of families. It is not only confined to homes but is also used in commercial and industrial areas. Pest control services are used for both not so common pests and the common pests.

One of the common pests you might have come across is the Cluster flies. These flies are generally longer than house flies and are approximately 7mm long compared to the 3-6mm length of a house fly. The body of cluster flies is black with a silver checkered pattern. House flies are dark grey with four narrow black stripes down their bodies. Physical features of cluster flies also includeyellowish gold hair on its thorax and legs.

How Do They Penetrate In Home/ TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

It is never a big deal for smile sized pests to find a way to your home. Like other flies Cluster Flies are also just an opportunity away to get in to your home. They can get to your home through doors and windows, around lose electrical outlets, under roof eaves, opening around cables, pipes and through vents.

Breeding Places of Cluster Flies:

Cluster flies lay their eggs within the soil or in creature dung. The eggs stay within the soil and bring forth when temperatures increment within the Spring. The hatchlings at that point burrow into the bodies of worms where they develop, and rise as a cluster fly. This life cycle more often than not takes from 27 to 39 days.

Habitat Of Cluster Flies:

When Cluster Flies head inside, they aim for the highest parts of your house, like you attic. This is why they are sometimes called attic flies. They hide in cracks, crevices and voids. In your home, cluster flies may be found behind curtains, underneath clothing in closets, behind pictures or painting frames, and wooden equipment.

Prevention Against Cluster Flies - Tips And Advice By TPL Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Fogging - Pest Control

Make sure that your domestic is clean and clean, cluster flies adore nourishment and drink spills, stagnant water, open junk canisters and pet excrement. On the off chance that you’re mindful of having a cluster fly issue, use fly screens over your windows, to avoid them from making their way inside. Prevention against Cluster Flies:


  • Anti Insect Fumigation
  • ‘Citronella’ fragrance wick.
  • Blocking all the points which may give them a way to penetrate.
  • Foggers (performed by a trained workers).
  • Smoke bombs (performed by trained workers).
  • Electric Rackets.
  • Fly Boxes.


TPL Services For Cluster Flies:

It is better to handle pests by your own if you can but in case you cannot, there is a good news that in this modern world we have professionals for this purpose. To get rid of Cluster Flies or any other pest contact TPL pest control official team or order our products at: 0512303380

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